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Today, Windows Update installed 'Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809'. To my surprise, this affected the screen saver starting and exiting times quite a bit on my system!

Now, the screen saver starts in just a couple of seconds (compared to 14 seconds before the 1809 update). Also, if I use the Ctrl-ESC sequence to exit the screen saver, it exits almost immediately back to the lock screen (compared to 4-5 seconds before the 1809 update).

The bad news is that if I press the ESC key (by itself) to exit, the screen goes black and it never returns to the lock screen (the bubble sounds keep playing). I have to press Ctr l-Alt-delete to get back to the lock screen.

It is interesting that my original issue started with Windows Update 1803, and now Windows Update 1809 has changed the starting/exiting behavior again. At least this time it is for the better. As I said, it now takes only a couple of seconds for the screen saver to start, and if I exit using Ctrl_ESC, it exits almost immediately.
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