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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
I also can't understand what might be causing your problem. No one else has reported anything like this (yet). All of my machines work the same way: After hitting F, I can simply stretch the window to any shape I like. If I want it wide I just grab the side and stretch it across the screen. The instant I let go the Window Size numbers show the new size.  
Mea Culpa! I didn't let go of the mouse when I stretched or wait for my window to resize to see the wider screen. It works as you say. Sorry about all the commotion I created. I can't wait to see the anemones move. I have a 200 gallon reef tank in the middle of my living room and have a horrible time to maintain it in this economy. I am thinking of turning it off and hide it with two 60" LCD on both sides of my real aquarium. It's cheaper with MA.
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