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Wow! It's exciting to have the new Beta!

I have a wish list of features, although I'm not sure if these have already been discussed elsewhere. But this is what I would very much like to see:

1. A slider to adjust the blue hue, so I can make it more sky blue or pastel or slightly greenish, instead of just lighter or darker in the basic blue hue.

If you cannot do that, then I would like to be able to make the blue *much* lighter than you currently allow. For my taste, it is still too "primary." I want it to be soft, especially with all the bright colors in the tank. Right now the color contrasts between the foreground and background are too "exciting" and not relaxing enough for me.

2. An ability to turn off the bubbles, which I'm sure is planned.

3. The ability to diminish and/or reduce contrast of, and/or slow down the reflections. They bother my eyes, right now, and they make me feel "nervous" because the movement is too rapid to be relaxing. I want to see some movement of the water, but not this much.

I actually feel slightly dizzy while watching, even once I have disabled the slow pan effect. In fact, I had to close the tank, and look into the distance for a while, in order to regain my equilibrium. So, if this is not fixed in some way, it would be a deal-breaker for me.

4. I would love to see a Gobi protecting the underground home of his blind companion, which could perhaps be part of a future creature pack. A Gobi on duty has limited movement that is fairly repetitive, so maybe it could be a critter tied to one small location, with a small number of unique actions in random rotation.

5. I would love to see a pair of Clowns, hovering over their chosen "home base" and doing the things Clowns do, instead of swimming all over the tank all the time. Homeless Clowns make me sad, and a Clown should always keep'um smiling.
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