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Nice job Jim! The 3d effect over the previous version is fantastic.

MY wish list:
1.Turn of the scrolling and have the option to turn on the old lighting cycle.
2. A fish hiding or going inside and out of what looks like a little cave on the bottom left of the aquarium.
3.Probably going to be corrected, just bringing it up. Not showing the frames per second every time the program launches.
4.Spruce up the interface. Not the mechanics just the graphics. Looks a little "dull"
5.Not really important...shorten the load time.

Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit service pack 1, 2.8 GHZ AMD 64 X2 Dual
4.00 Gb RAM
Nvidia Geforce 8600 GT 512mb Drvier 7.15

The aquarium has worked fine at 111fps at 1440x990 with no problems so far...
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