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After a wait of 6 years, Marine Aquarium 3 is now available for download.

Is this the final version? No. The only way there would be a "final" version is if I stopped working on adding new features to the Aquarium.

Things to Note:
1. The fish models are still the old ones from MA1. I'm currently working on new fish models with higher quality textures, and much more realistic behavior, including schooling, darting, chasing, etc.

2. After the fish are done, I will start bringing the background to life, one object at a time. I have extensive plans for every part of the tank, and there is a reason behind virtually everything you see.

3. While a few of the Keystroke commands and other features are the same as MA2.6, there are many changes. Just because something was working in previous versions, don't assume it will be working here. For example, the starfish does not yet go on the glass. The old program used DX6, and this one uses DX8/9, and virtually every line of code had to be rewritten.
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