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SS settings drops MA3

I don't know whether this should be in the installer thread; someone can move it if they want. Also this involves Vista64.

I have encountered major problems, and don't know if it's me or the installer.

Prob #1: I installed MA3, set it as default SS, and then entered a keycode. All was well, until I realized tonight that my machine, although unattended, had not gone to sleep as usual. The monitor had shut down, but the MA3 music ,and I presume the SS itself, was still running, and the machine was running with all lights blazing.

Prob #2: Not wanting to worry about it now, I just changed my default SS to DA, which I know will allow the comp to go to sleep. As soon as I did that MA3 dissappeared from the Display Settings (SS Settings) dropdown list. It was still in the Add/Remove panel, and in SysWOW64. It would also start manually from the desk icon as would the 'beta9.' But I could no longer select it as default.

Prob#3: The only way around this was to completely uninstall, run a registry cleaner, restart, and reinstall (disabling AVG and Spybot). When I did this I got 3 entries in the SS Settings dropdown list: MA3 and MA2 + Time, and 1 called "PSerenescreen Marine Aquarium 3." When I right clicked the MA3 icon and clicked "install' the odd entry ( PSerene...etc) disappeared. Further, I did not have to re-enter my keycode, so I knew the registry had not been thouroughly cleaned.

I actually did this process 3 times and got the same result. I still have MA2+time in the list.

Now, I am still running Beta9 ( with the clock, etc), and I do have MA2 installed. It was my belief that MA2 had to be installed to run the beta series; am I correct about that?

And another thing; before MA3 would run I got a message window from Spybot that a registry change was requested, specifically: from "old data: C:\windows\SYSTEM32\marine ~1.scr" to "new data" C:\SysWOW64\marine~1.scr.

Up till now I had seen no entries for Serenescreen in System32.

I also manually checked the registry and found (after uninstall) the following entries:

HKEY Current User> Software> Serenescreen> 1. MA2 +time and 2.MA3.
HKEY Local Machine> Software> WOW6432node> 1. MA2 +time and 2. MA3.

The Local Machine entries were far sparser than the Current user entries, but both had values entered. And both 'MA2 +time' had the Reg Code.

Anyway, you folks know more than me what this means, so appreciate your advice. Should I have uninstalled MA2? I thought Jim had said that they were independant and would not conflict. Is there something else going on. And surely it is a problem if changing screensavers caused MA3 to disappear?

Terribly sorry about such a long post, but thought you'd want all the info.
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