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Just returned to ensure I have the latest version, any add-ons etc and its a little confusing. (Appreciate you can't update the SereneScene site, its sad that they don't care, I wish you could bin them off and sell it via this site!)

Anyway, for feedback, I headed over to the announcement and the first post at the top says which gives the impression that's the latest version and says v3.1, followed by lots of beta versions, and then the final post at the bottom directs you to v3.1 over at SereneScreen, which is apparently v3.3 (?).

It could probably do with some Admin love, perhaps a pinned topic or announcement containing links and details on the defacto latest version (this is the download you're looking for!), and perhaps a section of other links or archived beta links and what they are etc.

Anyway, thanks as always, I'm off to enjoy the aquarium!

Kind regards.
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