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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
I've never tried it on anything with that aspect ratio. The fact that that resolution does not show up in Display settings is why the Aquarium just gave up and stretched the image. We get our settings from the same list. Was it displaying the entire aquarium background, and just stretching it a little more? What the Aquarium should attempt to do is fill the horizontal resolution with the full background by 'zooming in' which would result in cutting a little bit off the top, but the proper aspect ratio for the objects.  
Hi Jim. The picture is identical to the normal HD 16:9 screen except stretched. I still can pan all the way right and left. Dr. Fish (Below) gives me hope. Perhaps I won't return the monitor to Best Buy and keep working it until I get it right. I will get a display port cable and try that. Thanks Doc. I want to make sure I have the correct Graphics card. Doc, which card are you using? Thanks Jim and Doc. I will keep you posted. I love the aquarium. I will try to download MA3.3 but when I do, I get a pop-up that says something like "Insert a later disc" or something like that. I will try more stuff and let you know. Thank you!
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