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tibetan flag rocks! really a beautiful flag!
spanish one's pretty hmm..... boring...

I would like to see the cantabrian flag, but it's a flag not recognised, as the official Cantabria's flag (cantabria's the province where I live) is divided horizontally with a white and red stripe (white upper, red lower), although the Cantabros (ppl from cantabria) has been known as one of the first having a flag, and reported by the romans (who invaded us some time ago ), as a "red squared cloth" they called "cantabrum", although some time ago the design of a cantabrian symbol was added in yellow on it. I'll try to find a picture of it, or create one myself.
The cantabrian symbol included appears on some big round stones, legacy of the celts who lived here, that represents a cult of the sun.

<- the "official" flag of my province

<- the "Lábaro", our real flag (although not accepted by the government)
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