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Exclamation My shark got stuck!

Hi guys,
Been a while since I've been in here. Sorry. Life takes precedence and now I have two kids and a third on the way. I guess diving isn't my main hobby huh?
Anyway, I walked in to my living room the other day and the "Surprise visitor" was stuck in the middle of the screen, as if he had bonked his head on the glass or something. It stayed there while the other sharks went on about their business. I ended the screen saver and allowed it to restart normally and haven't seen the shark get stuck since, but I thought I'd mention the occurance here to see if anyone else has had this happen.
Some thoughts about my original review of the screen saver:
I still love it but I also still think the movement of the mackrel sharks is too exaggerated. (Mako & White) Perhaps the 3d background would be a better enhancement in the short term but you really do need to address the movement of the larger animals again.
A couple of shark tweaks that would be cool might be to allow them to "Fin" like real sharks and perhaps roll a bit more when they change directions. Blue sharks can actually appear to stand on their tails when changing direction abruptly.
Question: Do these sharks have a detailed orientation mechanism? When doing collision or proximity detection and a reaction event is triggered, you could allow them to sharply change attitude as well as direction thereby giving them an even more realistic movement.
All in all, I really do like this screen saver and I can't wait for an update.
Happy Holidays!
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