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version 3 beta tearing issue

I am experiencing a display issue with your Marine Aquarium 3.0 Beta
version T928.3.0.1953. I am told it is called "tearing". I would like to
supply 2 pictures showing the issue. any suggestions on how to do that?

This problem appears on the bottom of the screen where the gravel bed
appears to touch the tank glass. It also appears in any dark enclosed
areas such as a cave. These areas will constantly flash between random
irregularly shaped patches of black and the normally displayed image.

I have two monitors, my laptop monitor and an Acer X203W 22" wide
screen. With screensaver resolution settings on automatic, I will see these
areas only on the 2nd wide screen monitor. But they still occur on the
laptop screen ( I changed resolutions to verify). My laptop display just
shows a portion of the whole screen. (the displays are different physical
sizes 17" and 22") This problem shows itself regardless of the amount of
fish on the screen and with any resolution I may choose in your settings.

There are no updates available for my video card, I asked Sony. and ATI
doesnt exist and AMD does not have any drivers either. I tried this beta
version on a different computer with similar resolution settings with no
apparent problems. Which lead me to determine that this is a condition
related to my particular video card and driver. This "tearing" issue occurs
regardless of the number of running processes at the time.

Non related to the screensaver, my second monitor will randomly display
approx 1 pixel width streaks of white lines in random locations on the
screen when I am viewing open windows on it. This too is probably a
condition of the Radeon video card and driver installed in my laptop. This
occurs independent of any screensaver I may run.

I am supplying this information to assist you in further development of
your fine product, and in hopes that you might have a resolution for me.

If you require more info or wish to contact me send to scorpioet2@neo.rr.com

DirectX Version 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80ghz
958MB Ram
Sony PCG-K23 laptop Computer
Video Card
ATI Mobility IGP 340M/245M
Chip Type: Radeon IGP 340M AGP
DAC Type: Internal DAC 400mhz
Memory 64.0 Mb
Driver version: 6.14.0010.6583
DDI Version 9 or higher
Resolutions set to automatic in screensaver
Standard screen resolution used
Display 1: 1280x800 32bit 60hz
Display 2: 1280x1024 32bit 60hz
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bug, tearing
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