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Moving Forward

In recent times this forum has had some serious problems. The blame for that partly rests on the shoulders of Morgan and myself. We have both had several things other than the forum going on and have to admit to being somewhat lax in our duties. As a result, some members have been taking advantage of the situation. We have had members requesting to have their accounts removed and others have left or stopped posting because of recent problems concerning other forum members.

As the Administrators of this site, we offer our sincere apologies to the members. We are here today to announce that this stops now and it will not happen again. From this point on we take complaints and problems of this nature very seriously and altercations will be addressed swiftly and decisively.

For those of you that have been members here for a number of years you have a reference of the past, and we hope to return to those days. For new members we hope you know that our door is always open and we are ready to discuss any problems or concerns you may have.

The main purpose of this forum is for the SereneScreen Aquarium, but it is not the only purpose. We have a community of people who enjoy visiting this forum and discussing a wide variety of topics. While we appreciate the help that certain members have contributed to the Aquarium products, we must think of the long-term health of this forum.

To this end, everyone has seen how the forum rules have been reworked and posted in a conspicuous place for all to see. Please take them to heart for they will be enforced. We want everyone to have a comfortable experience here and know that all are welcome to post helpful ideas concerning the aquarium, or to know that they are welcome to take part in the many and varied other discussions taking place in other parts of the forum.

There is a difference between the letter of the law, and the spirit of the law. Both will now carry equal weight in our Administrative duties. If you are looking for a positive, constructive, friendly forum, then this is the place. The idea of "SereneScreen" is a stress-free environment.

If you prefer to split hairs, find the limits of the rules and then operate as close to the edge as possible, and have a flagrant disregard for the feelings of other members, then we suggest you find another forum.

Our edict is to create and maintain a forum where customers and long-time friends feel comfortable visiting this forum and asking questions without fear of being questioned, harassed, or insulted.

To this end, Dale is no longer a member of this forum. His efforts during the beta testing of Marine Aquarium 3 are recognized, but they do not outweigh the many forum rules violations.

Concerning Johnwho:

An extraordinary task was given to an unexpected individual. He was tasked with writing the Read Me/Documentation for Marine Aquarium. This task was given to someone who had not taken a large part in our community, and yet he stepped up and performed this task well.

However, somewhere along the way, there have been some bad influences for other members. We are offering John a fresh start to become a member of our forum community. We are a family, and if John wants to be a part of that family, we await with open arms. At the conclusion of John's 1 week suspension, the ball will be in his court.

In conclusion, normally we do not air things of this nature on the open forum, and it will not be our policy to do so in the future. But, as things have been allowed to progress to this point for some time, we feel it would be only fair in this instance to inform the forum of our decisions and the results.
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