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Widescreen, multi monitor

Hi there, I have a question. I'm under the impression that ma3 works on multi monitor setup. My question is can you span it across 2 monitors and if so, how? Basically I would like to eliminate the need to pan by letting it span across both monitors.

I would also like to mention how great your work is. Ma3 is absolutely gorgeous! Great quality and lifelike work!
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-my post was indicative of the PC version-
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Michael Babin
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If you are running the application, you can move the window and resize it to span across multiple monitors. You can position it and resize it such that it mostly covers multiple monitors (with the menu bar and window title bar still visible). If you switch to full-screen mode, it will cover a single monitor (whichever monitor the window is on or, if spanning multiple monitors, the monitor that the window is mostly on).

If you are running the screen saver, you can specify whether the aquarium is shown on the main display (the one with the menu bar) only or on all displays. If shown on multiple displays, each display is a separate tank (not a single tank spanning all displays).
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